Park + Riot (DE) / NEEZ & Daniella Ljungsberg


Following their flaming performance with NEEZ in Germany we did everything we could to bring them here. Park’s performance is one of the wildest experiences you can hope to be a part of.  Two monsters from Leipzig, the Guerilla Sludge, come to burn- an angrey, nerve racking live performance that leaves no room to breath.


“you came from hell and hell you shall recieve”

A razor sharp experience, a thousand knives in your back, a pool of golden syringes, a sleep paralysis. New songs in wolves clothing, performed by demons and corpses of the deep.

Daniella Ljungsberg

An extraordinary artist that creates a space of chaos and quiet, like intertwines snakes. A two headed creature of

Ambient and Noise that will eat up the space.


Price: 40/50

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