Father’s Journey – Daniel & Pesach Slabosky.


This album is a collaboration by me, Daniel Slabosky, and my father, Pesach Slabosky. In his life my father sang songs, gathered enormous amounts of records and collected all kinds of unique instruments. Looking back, even though none of these instruments were recorded in the album, I find them to be an inspiration in the choices that I made. In March 2018 my father went to record his vocals at M-Works music studio with Maarten de Groot, in the netherlands. When I was handed a folder of those recordings after my dad passed away in April 2019, I was overwhelmed and put them aside. Then after a while when a friend asked whether there were any recordings of my dad singing, we jammed with a couple of them. Oree sang and I played guitar and a drum machine. Then I added synth and bass. Over the next months I created music over and around the vocals of my dad. In addition to his musical passion, my dad lived as a known artist. I did not use his paintings for the album cover. Any form of creativity often has a compromise compared to some profound vision. I felt that the paintings, that are already “spiritual translations” expressed in the past, and the medium of the music don’t meet this time. I’ll never know what would have come out if I had worked on the album while my dad was alive, or whether it would have happened at all. I know that he would have been happy to listen to what came out.

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