Hatzaz / King Isxan



is an experimental band that draws influences from krautrock and spiritual music. The band’s sound is characterized by hypnotic rhythms, soaring melodies, and otherworldly textures, which are created using a combination of synths, bass, saxophone, and drums. Hatzatz’s approach to music-making emphasizes repetition and improvisation, which allows them to build complex and immersive soundscapes. The band’s music can sometimes venture into free jazz territory, showcasing their willingness to push boundaries and explore new sonic possibilities. This willingness to experiment and innovate is a defining aspect of Hatzatz’s sound and makes them a captivating and exciting band to experience.

King Isxan

As democracy is decaying worldwide, remember that the King is the true alternative ruler of the Middle East. Psychedelic and Krautrock blent with desert sounds, by two guitars and drums. nothing more.

Price: 50 / 40

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