Israeli singer/songwriter/ guitarist Shy Nobleman plays diverse psychedelic-style music with strong echoes of various ’60s psychedelic subgenres, using strings and brass in addition to standard rock instrumentation. His debut album, How to Be Shy, came out in 2001. The album which was recorded with the help of members of local Psychedelic- rock band, Rockfour, was chosen by Rolling Stone magazine critics as “One of the best albums of the year”. 
 It was followed by Beautiful Life, which came out in 2005 and included 3 top ten radio hits on Israel’s national radio stations. In 2013 he released his first Hebrew full length album, and after years of silence, came in 2021 “The Killing Angel” his first single from an anticipated new full length english album. 
 Shy Nobleman was a former bass player of Israeli rock band, Mofa Haarnavot Shel Dr. Kaper, Played and recorded with Charlie Megira and some of his band members included names as: Geva Alon and Ouzo Bazooka.~ Richie Unterberger

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