Yehezkel Raz / Tamuz Dekel


Two shows by two sound masters, creating ambient spaces

Tamuz Dekel is a guitarist, composer & producer, known primarily as a member of the instrumental trio TATRAN. Tamuz is a unique voice on the guitar. Combining virtuosic yet compelling, fluid playing style with an innovative approach to sound manipulating effects, Tamuz creates vibrant, colorful new worlds with a cutting edge orchestral depth. In his solo performance Tamuz takes the listener on a journey to the different realms his exploring. Tamuz combines the craft of playing with the art of sound and with imaginative virtuosity creates vivid atmospheres and stories. The music comes from the heart and enters the heart. moving between lullaby-like gentleness and epic drama, boundless and full of freedom. Music that evokes deep listening and effortless surrender.

Yehezkel Raz is a composer, pianist and sound artist. His music reflects his passion for the beauty which resides within simplicity, intimate piano playing, minimalism, sound, and silence. Yehezkel’s works include many solo albums, music for film, theater and dance.



Price: 60 / 50

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