Cherdat Bitzua / Madam Sousatzka / Bneielef



were created in the last century and gathered at a party in the southern mountains. After a few drinks of guava juice and sunflower sours, they registered at the disappearance department with bouncing beds, trembling electrical poles, and posters of Sergio Leone and Andrei Arsenyevich Tarkovsky.


Cherdat Bitzua

With two demo cassettes out and an album on the way, Cherdat Bitzua, the forbidden lovechild of Iggy Pop and Corinne Allal is a band that grew in suburban Rishon Le’Tzion and sings songs of love and dread in everyday Hebrew.


Madam Sousatzka

contemporary electronics with guitars and bass. After two post-punk albums in Hebrew The band has a new, electronic and experimental album

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