Boaz Bentur & Daniella Tourgeman

Bass player and producer Boaz Bentur and singer-songwriter Daniella Tourgeman are childhood friends who love playing music together.

In nightly jam sessions and rainy forest strolls, they created a new project in a small studio up the Carmel mountains in Israel. Their first EP presents four eclectic, mainly electronic tracks, that range in the Ambient, trip hop and soul genres, capturing a joint musical and creative process.

Tomer Baruch (Animals and Synthesizers, Crunch 22) and the synthesizers in an analog ambient live set. Sound patterns that phases, duplicate, shifts, folds and return like mantras of the post-age.


Ambient Dj Set – Ofer Tisser

Price: 60 / 50

Tomer Baruch – Synthesized Sounds of the Sea | Full Visual Album

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