Yanookis taverna


Straight off the shores of the meditarienian sea, Yanukis Taverna band bring the sounds and sights of the Middle East, and play the nostalgic rabetiko songs, with new and original arrangements.

The audience and musicians go through a fascinating musical journey together, filled with pain, happiness, dance, tears and laughter.

Inbal Nur Dekels moving voice opens the heart and catches the ear of every listener. The sounds of the buzuki and the traditional voice of Inbal sweep the audience and take the listener all the way to the traditional Greek taverns

Inbal Nur Dekel – lead singer ,Tai Nikritin – Buzuki and singing, Soof Nikritin – double bass and singing, Max Shchedrovitski – guitar and oud, Nur Bar Goren – Percussion

Price: 50-60 ₪

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