Ittai Binnun Quartet


Jerusalemite Ittai Binnun draws his inspiration from the many different traditions that make up his truly fascinating city. During a short stroll through a single street in Jerusalem, you can hear chanting from a synagogue, Turkish pop music, Arabic Maqqamat sung at a mosque, a Klezmer clarinet and a Rock band playing in a basement – all at the very same time! This rich cultural abundance all finds its way into Binnun’s unique joyful music. Binnun has been active for many years on Israel’s world music scene and festivals around the world. With his band “AndraLaMoussia” his solo electronic show – “Ethno Digital”, and during the last few years with an acoustic trio, together with percussionist David Dagmi, Bassisit Oz Yehieli  and guitarist Joe Taylor. The Quartet showcases the three musicians with all their unique influences and traditions. With a lot of space for improvisation and having accumulated hundreds of playing hours, the three developed a very deep communication with each other.

Price: 50-60 ₪

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