Messages from a Faraway Land


A cover-to-cover reading night of Amir Menasheof’s new book “Messages from a Faraway Land” (Netzah books). The book includes 35 fragments written in the first two mounths of the current war in the region. The work on the book was done urgently, as an act of immediate response to a collective trauma. The book also includes drawings of local birds, which Menasheof drew out in the field. Amir Amir Menasheof is a poet, a spoken word artist and a teacher. He is one of the founders and editors of the literature and art magazine “Eyruvin”, and over the years he has published two poetry books, the poetry fanzine “Nefetz” and the poetry booklet “Jazz”. In this gathering four Jerusalmite artists will simply read aloud the entire book, from beginning to end, hoping to sound a voice of harsh softness in impossible times.

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