Masok are a four-piece future soul band based in TLV, comprising of Jenny Penkin, Noam Havkin, Tal Kohavi and Omri Shani.

The four released their first LP “The bigger the risk” (2019) digitally and on vinyl via “Raw Tapes” records. they had it played in Israel and around the world. Later on (2021) they released an EP, called “ok, let go”, with a different flavor, with their hit ‘part of the game’ bringing back the disco.

Taking the front – Jenny Penkin is a singer-songwriter whose range goes between R&B, soul and Hip-Hop and her warm voice and smooth phrases bring a fresh color to the table. Accompanying her is Nomok, who’s in charge of production and keys, influenced by jazz harmonies, synthesised sounds and Stevie Wonder.

Tal Kohavi’s slick grooves, tight drums, and crispy percussions contribute to the rawness of Masok’s music. Completing the puzzle, Omri Shani, who’s more influenced by the indie rock scene, brings unique aesthetics and laid-back mentality to his bass lines.

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