Nigun Quartet


Nigun is an original jazz ensemble that creates new Jewish-Israeli music, crossing musical and social sectors. Nigun’s music is rhythmic, exciting, catchy and speaks to a wide audience of listeners. A combination of the simplicity of the melody with rhythmic and harmonic complexity, which creates a special and dreamlike experience.

The music of Nigun is built on ancient spiritual-mystical tunes of the various Hasids in Eastern Europe. Hasidic music has been used for generations for spiritual ascension. Through the music, Hasidim ascended to mental states of supreme joy, introspection, longing for the Vanished. The melody reveals the soul in a person.

Nigun Quartet combines the spirituality of the Hasidic melody with the improvisation, power and complexity of contemporary jazz. The arrangements combine current grooves such as funk, Balkan, jungle and magical harmonies.

Price: 65-80 ש״ח

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