Radio Baghdad


Radio Baghdad perform pieces from the repertoire of Iraqi classical music, a journey back to the roots of the trio’s singer -Aviv Ezra. Their music transports the listener to the sounds of long, all-night Iraqi Maqam performances in Baghdad and its’ refugee exile: vocal improvisations (Mawal) and songs full of pain, sorrow, longing, alongside happiness and deep love. The singer of Radio Baghdad – Aviv Badri Ezra – grew up with the sounds of the Iraqi Maqam in his home and returns to them with his voice and percussion, along with him Johanna Riethmueller (Violin) and Yaniv Masel (Oud). The friendships and musical connections between the three go back more than a decade; they have been playing together as Radio Baghdad since 2018. The upcoming performance will be dedicated to the tradition of the Iraqi Maqam, as well as to the singers and composers who arrived in Israel with the Iraqi Aliyah in the 1950s and continued to work and create here.

Price: 50-60 ש״ח

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