A playground for the production and creation of new sounds

We built our beloved studio with our very hands. The studio combines a cozy atmosphere on the one hand with an uncompromising standard on the other. The studio’s control room was acoustically designed by acoustician Omer Karni and includes vintage equipment incorporated in a modern digital set up.

In the spacious live room, you can find a unique collection of musical instruments that includes a Steinway piano that is over 100 years old (which we have fully restored), a variety of percussion instruments, keyboards, amplifiers and a large collection of microphones. The space can accommodate a large number of musicians for a live session and is capable of recording up to 26 channels simultaneously on a Pro Tools system. 

At the back end of the live room is a unique workstation that was designed for working in Surround Sound – a multi-channel audio format used in cinema and television, that also enables creative work suitable for art exhibitions. 

Musically speaking, the studio is a great place for production, recording of any kind, mixing and mastering. We also offer professional services in the field of sound for cinema – composition, sound design, dubbing and narration, SFX recording (Foley) and editing

The aspect of work we are most proud of is our incubation and residency projects, in which we offer full support to selected up-and-coming artists, carrying them and their vision through to completion.

Recorded in the studio

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