Amit Eliasi

An expert collector of worldwide sounds, Amit Eliasi will grace us with fine tunes and mesmerizing beats before and after the shows

Ariel Altaratz

Using a specific technique that lies somewhere between strumming and beating the steel strings of an acoustic guitar, a new sonic world that unfolds itself, rich and hypnotic – the sounds within it seem to be playing by themselves.


Ido Mandil of Jerusalem’s noise label  Raash Records, playing loud tribal industrial music, using guitar, voice and a sampler.

Amit Buium

Amit Buium is sharp-minded with an even sharper ear; she will play a live set using a bowed guitar, computer and objects.

Miri Ohana

Miri Ohana is the alter-ego of Matan Goldberg, he plays the banjo and guitar and sings Hebrew bluegrass Appalachian style, with great talent and intent.

Shira Whitman

Jerusalm’s Shira Whitman has spent the better part of a decade practicing the ancient craft of Hindustani Dhrupad singing, a style known for its deep, hypnotic tradition. She will open the third day in the studio performing a Raga fitting the time and the place.

The Orions

For over a decade, The Orions have been celebrating Surf music. Hailing from Tel Aviv, the band members all grew up playing in the local Punk scene, where they gathered influences and managed to create a unique mixture of sound and attitude with hints of Psychedelia, Post-Punk, Proto-Metal and a pinch of Mediterranean Sea salt.


Israel’s hottest garage-rock n roll duo, Eliran plays guitar and Kim plays the drums, and they’re all about having fun with it.

Sandman Project

The Brainchild of guitarist and composer Tal Sandman. Project Sandman is a musical journey that begins in west Africa through Ethiopia and ends in the middle east, creating an electrifying psychedelic groove band which takes the listener on a multicultural musical experience of color and rhythm from around the globe.

The Yemenite Orchestra

An orchestrated tribute to Yemeni folk poetry of the 1950s and 60s, an ensemble of 14 musicians – The Yemeni orchestra conducted by Eyal Wahab (El-Khat) is the first of its kind in the world, playing orchestrals adaptations of Yemeni folk music.