The Jerusalem home for adventures in sound

The Mazkeka was established in 2014 as a non-profit music center and has since been operating in a wide variety of arenas – it is a venue for performances and DJ sessions, a recording studio, a rehearsal space and an open space for workshops, master classes and lectures. Every year we seek, recognize and invest in projects and people with potential, by providing them with a platform for development, artistic accompaniment and basically everything that is required technically, productionally and conceptually in order to fully mature. We are excited, moved and proud to be able to support the community in this way.

Every year, on the cusp of winter, we produce and celebrate Zikuk Festival (which is also the Mazkeka’s birthday). The festival is three nights which are for us a showcase of what we believe to be the potential of the independent music scene in the country. The festival encompasses two stages – The classic and versatile stage of the Mazkeka and the studio space with it’s exceptional acoustics designed for deep sound journeys. 

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