Part Objects


An evening of new/ experimental music with guests from far and nearby talents.

First set- Ido Buckelman (Berlin) Solo

The Guitarist/Imporovisator/Poet – The performance  combines freestyle and expressive playing with cracking and crumbling structures of song. Bockelman is one of the most interesting and deep improvisors, goes all the way and back and leaves not a dry eye in the house.

Second- Hans Tammen (New York) with Shaul Kohn and Yoni Niv

Third Set- Hans Tammen with Mugaz`adin- (Bar Eran and Gideon Levi)

The radical Electric Musician Hans Tammen will play two trios, one with Shaul Kohn on the bass and Yoni Niv on objects, walking the fine line of ambient tension and slow release- and another with the duo Mugaz`adin, Bar Eran and Gideon Levi, which will take us to realms of intense energy.

Price: 40/50

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