Puppets – Film & Talk


Film – discussion – performance by Oz Malol

Cinematography directed and produced by Shi-Li Uziel and Oz Malol Edited by Yoni Zarua

Soundtrack design Aviram Vilansky


The film by Oz Malol and Shi-Lee Uziel describes the artists’ adventures during the creation of a sculpture commissioned by a large museum for a children’s exhibition. In keeping with the artists’ affinity for anti-professionalism, the resulting sculpture is sloppy, amateurish, and analogically flawed. Limited in resources and knowledge, the artists mock the artistic process while trying to create an honest work of art. The creative process parallel to the process of producing the sculpture, implies that in fact both processes never end. The product, or the work of art, exists less in its own right and more as the circumstances of its formation. The film Dolls is a witty critique of the way quality and value are determined, and what authenticity means in an age of professionalism.

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